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Bids Awarded Report 2019/20
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Civil Engineering Services
DescriptionClosing Date
Supply, deliver, install and commission of 3000 kva back up generator at vaalbank water treatment plant 2020-07-31
BS 03/06/2020
A site clarification/briefing will take place on 2020-07-22
Development & Strategic Support
DescriptionClosing Date
Re-Advert: Hotel and conference facility development and operations in Steve Tshwete municipality - Middelburg mpumalanga 2020-07-22
BS 12/05/2020
Environmental & Solid Waste Management
DescriptionClosing Date
Appointment of a panel of maximum five (5) contractors for removal of garden waste, street cleaning and litter picking around Mhluzi, rockdale, hlalamnandi, rondebosch, nasaret, middelburg and aerorand for 12 months 2020-07-29
BS 01/06/2020
Financial Services
DescriptionClosing Date
Appointment of a maximum of three suppliers for the supply, delivery and off-loading of personal protective equipment (PPE) for 36 months as and when required 2020-07-30
BS 02/06/2020
Information & Communication Technology
DescriptionClosing Date
Provision of a 30Mbps point-to-point data link from Hendrina civic centre to Middelburg civic centre for a period thirty six (26) months 2020-07-15
BS 03/05/2020
Municipal Building Services
DescriptionClosing Date
Integrated pest control management on all municipal facilities for the period of 36 months as and when required 2020-08-12
BS 08/05/2020
Municipal Manager
DescriptionClosing Date
Re-ADVERT: Appointment of a panel of maximum three service providers to provide risk assessment, risk mentoring and reporting as and when required for a period of 36 months 2020-08-12
BS 05/06/2020
Re-ADVERT: Appointment of a service provider to supply, install, provide support and maintenance of risk management and compliance software for a period of 36 months 2020-08-13
BS 04/06/2020

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