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Transacting through is as easy as 1-2-3.
Take 2 minutes to SIGN UP NOW or LOGIN if you are ready to view your balances or pay your accounts.

Need Assistance?

1 Chat to us online

The PREPAID24 interactive online support centre operates 7 days a week between 07h00 and 23h00. Leave a message after hours and we will attend to it first thing after 7am.

2Receive a call - Use the CALL ME option on the registration form.

Leave your contact details and best time to receive a call from between 7am and 11pm.

How to sign up

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During the sign-up process you will need to:

1 Complete and verify personal and contact details

2 Create your secure profile and setup your preferred payment option

Once you have completed the ONCE OFF Sign-up process, you will be ready for STEP 3: TRANSACT

3 To Transact - log in to MyPP24Profile to view current balances and create your basket to checkout

You are ready to transact immediately after completing the sign up process. In future you can simply



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1 Create your basket

  1. Go to and select INTERNET TRANSACTING.
  2. Select LOGIN- MyPP24Profile* and login with your cell phone number and password created at sign-up
  3. Select the 'Steve Tshwete' button
  4. Your account/meter number will be displayed
  5. Select to View/Pay Account - all balances on accounts with due dates and settlement required will be displayed
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay against each of the sub accounts
  7. Submit your transaction to checkout

Please note:

2 Make your payment

  1. Log into your own online banking profile to make an EFT payment to
  2. Use the unique EFT reference generated at Checkout for your specific basket (e.g. A08000010011AB).
  3. Make payment for the amount required
  4. You will receive an e-mail & SMS to confirm your transaction/ receive your prepaid electricity token

Please note:

There are 2 options for basket payment:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer - A unique EFT payment reference will be generated with each transaction (e.g. A0800010011AB). Processing of your transaction may take up to 15 minutes
  2. SmartFund - Show me You may select to setup a SmartFund to pay some or all of your items in your basket. Your SmartFund will always be accessible in your secure MyPP24Profile. When using your SmartFund, your transaction will be processed immediately


Clients already registered at Prepaid24: if you know what your outstanding amounts are and wish to buy electricity

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the SmartFund?

Think of the SmartFund as an electronic wallet that is kept in your own secure MyPP24Profile. As an alternative to EFT payments, you are able to pay your municipal accounts and recharge all your prepaid data and airtime devices within the shortest possible time – anytime and anywhere.

The SmartFund is a free facility which may be topped up using an EFT payment or a Credit Card transfer.

You can create your SmartFund while completing the sign-up process by selecting "OTHER payment Options". If you have already signed up with Prepaid24 but have not created your SmartFund yet, and wish to do so now - CLICK HERE . Once you have registered for the facility, your SmartFund will be available on your own secure personal profile in MyPP24Profile

2 Do you accept credit card payments? Show me

You may use your credit card to topup your SmartFund facility. A 3% service charge will apply.

3 What is MyPP24Profile?

Your secure profile where your can view your balances and transact as well as where your personal detail and transaction preferences can be managed and more services could be added. Read more